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All work and no play?

Just because you love your work doesn't mean you can't take the time to have some fun. In fact, today's wellness experts unanimously agree that a sensible balance of work and play can be your key to health, wealth, and happiness. A really fast and easy way to help you achieve such a balanced lifestyle is to take a moment and discover what Johnson Paper likes to refer to as Paper Play, an entertaining series of handcrafted paper projects.

To discover how to play the paper way, simply click any of the paper projects you see listed on the left.

Whether you're artsy or even artistically challenged, you're sure to find fun with Johnson Paper's Paper Play. For starters, how about learning about how to make paper? It's easy to make your very own paper once you check out Papermaking 101. Once you graduate from making paper (or for those who want to get right to the fun stuff), you can make all kinds of cool papercrafts. Be the envy of your friends, lower your blood pressure, and most importantly, make yourself feel better by taking time out from your busy schedule to play with paper. And remember: Have fun!




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